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Tech It Out is a cutting-edge celebration of new technologies, innovation, STEM and Student Outreach, leadership, expert speakers, and influential technology Leaders in the Rocky Mountain region.

Want more Tech It Out? Join us Thursday, November 19 at 5 p.m. MT for our Entrepreneurship Panel and Q&A – “Everything You Always Wanted to Know” Log in to join the panel!

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Want more Tech It Out? Join us Thursday, November 19 at 5 p.m. MT for our Entrepreneurship Panel and Q&A – “Everything You Always Wanted to Know” Log in to join the panel!


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Welcome Remarks

Nicole Yue & Sandy Grason

In Conversation: Cynthia Carpenter and Rich DiGeronimo

Charter execs Cynthia Carpenter and Rich DiGeronimo discuss what it took to survive and thrive during the extraordinary events of 2020 – including what positive developments arose from the worldwide shelter-at-home transition, and what innovations are helping to shape Charter for the future.

Rich DiGeronimo

In Conversation: Leslie Ellis and Jan Hofmeyr

Comcast EVP and Chief Network Officer Jan Hofmeyr joins technology writer Leslie Ellis in a candid conversation about the year so far, innovations prompted by the pandemic, relevant new technologies, and what’s coming next.

Jan Hofmyer

Current Events at the Intersection of Customer Care & 2020

Dana Filip-Crandall speaks about what it’s like when you need to very quickly pivot thousands of care employees into home-based workflows. Also: How consumer behaviors and demands are changing, coincident with the freakish events of 2020 – and what’s working to adapt along with them.

Dana Filip-Crandall

MythBusters: Innovation Edition

Are entrepreneurs responsible for the majority of groundbreaking innovations? Are most innovations the result of that “light-bulb” moment? Are innovators born or made? Join us as the Cable Center duo, Jana Henthorn and Janice Silver, examine 6 common innovation beliefs, a la MythBusters style, to determine if they’re fact or fiction, and how intrapreneurship can be your key to success.

Jana Henthorn


Part customer care evangelist, part scientist, part Zen master, Rama exudes a passion for service that is powerful and infectious. Hear how his company, Blitzz, is helping industries to adapt to mid- and post-pandemic customer realities using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Rama Sreenivasan

In Conversation: Camilla Formica and Teresa Elder

Camilla Formica interviews Teresa Elder about her journey (so far!) as a female leader, pro tips for overcoming obstacles, and what it means to lead an organization heart-first – with compassion and kindness.

Teresa Elder


As a film enthusiast with a proclivity for “future-facing” themes, Joe shares what ideas from the movies made it into our day-to-day lives, and reflects on what’s coming next.

Joseph Hunt

What COVID Is Teaching Us About Leadership

As CableLabs’ first-ever Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Beisel is a powerhouse of ideas, action, and energy. Learn what the COVID pandemic taught her about the human side of leadership, how COVID gave new depth to the WICT Touchstones, and what matters when communicating during a global pandemic.

Rachel Beisel


Ruha imparts actionable wisdom about biases in technology, and recommendations about challenging predispositions when building new products and services.

Ruha Benjamin


She invented a soccer ball that provides off-grid energy for the developing world – when she was 19. At 22, she founded Uncharted Power, a global, full-service power technology company that builds, owns and operates renewable power infrastructure. Jessica is a dynamo! Don’t miss this … powerhouse (ahem) of a keynote.

Jessica O. Matthews


When she was growing up, Jennifer Andreoli-Fang thought it was normal to get to school an hour early to help her physics teacher get set up for class, and to attend science and math camps in the summer. Since then, she’s risen to become our industry’s leading technologist when it comes to the inevitable intersections between mobile and fixed networks. She’s also an artist, and will illustrate her journey with some of her own sketches.

Dr. Jennifer Andreoli-Fang

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